5 Tips for Dump Truck Shoppers

February 18th, 2015

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    Buying a dump truck is a big investment. Most experts will advise you to consider buying a used dump truck because they typically have many good years beyond the first owner. But buying used is also inherently a bit risky. How do you know if a used dump truck has been taken care of and properly maintained? Here are a few tips for inspecting a used dump truck as you consider your purchase.

    1. Service Records - Every used dump truck will have a service record (and if they don’t, be wary). Repair work records will indicate if there’s a consistent problem of break-downs and you should know where past work was conducted. Make sure that the VIN on the truck matches the VIN on the records. Check that the engine oil and transmission fluid were changed regularly and checked for contamination from antifreeze or metal traces.

    2. Suspension - On a used dump truck, the suspension is very important and repairing suspension is not cheap. Learn a bit about the manufacturer of the particular suspension system and make sure they’ve got a reputation for high quality system.

    3. Rust - Any rust that is structural, or around the frame, may be a sign of imminent demise for a used dump truck. A bit of surface rust is not a major problem, but should be addressed.

    4. Insurance and Financing - You’ll have to get any used dump truck to pass inspection before you can get financing and insurance may end up being very expensive. Find out these costs before making an offer.

    5. Why are they selling? - Know why the seller has decided to get rid of this used dump truck. If they’re evasive or react oddly, don’t take a chance. Go with your gut.

    Consider going with a broker if having these and other conversations or inspections feels like too much work. A broker can help you by offering a range of used dump trucks, all in working order.

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