How to Choose the Best Used Heavy Equipment for Storm Cleanup

January 27th, 2015


Storms are an inevitable part of life. Nobody can control the weather, let alone the damage it can create. After a storm hits, however, it’s important to move quickly to clean up before even further damage can occur. Heavy equipment is a necessity for storm cleanup but it can be costly. Used heavy equipment is a great way to handle storm cleanup jobs without spending too much money, as long as you can find quality used heavy equipment. 

The Search Begins with Requirements 

First of all, you will have to determine what heavy equipment you will need for your storm cleanup job. 

If you have lost power, a generator is ideal for powering homes, businesses, and other equipment that relies on electricity. Equipment that allows you to get up high to assess damage is also vital — you may need a truck with a ladder, or in some cases, a crane in order to properly access tall buildings and structures. Heavy equipment that can move and lift large or cumbersome items helps make storm cleanup go quickly. Look for a forklift or lift table to do the heavy jobs. If you need to dig out damaged areas, an excavator can do the trick. 

Properly Serviced 

No matter what heavy equipment you need in order to handle storm cleanup, if you are buying used, make sure that every piece of machinery has been properly maintained and inspected. This lets you know that your used heavy equipment is safe and reliable, so you can do your job without worry. 

You should also ensure that your used heavy equipment purchase is made from a reputable seller. Look for a used heavy equipment dealer with experience in the field, with positive reviews and a good reputation. Companies who focus on quality service typically have happy customers and high quality equipment.

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