As a buyer, strives to give you as much information as possible so that you are able to make an informed buying decision before making a purchase.

This is why encourages all buyers to

  • Request to view equipment in person.
  • Request equipment inspections.
  • Request equipment warranty information.
  • Request equipment serial numbers.
  • Request equipment service and work history.
  • Request equipment test drives. offers full marketing services similar to that of an auction company that allows sellers the convenience of not having to sacrifice their time, money, privacy and energy to sell their own equipment. However, exposing any of the seller's personal information can create privacy issues for the seller and with the British Columbia’s Privacy Act being very strict, does what it can to protect the privacy of its sellers. is a heavy truck, trailer and equipment dealer with a large percenage of the equipment listed for sale on this web site being privately owned and you as a buyer agree to only purchase the equipment listed for sale directly from, ensuring you the buyer a lien free title.  

You also agree not to purchase the equipment indirectly from the seller by using a family member, acquaintance, friend or employee to purchase the equipment.

If you as a buyer are referred to a seller for the purpose of viewing equipment or you are given private information about a seller and you attempt to use this information to deal directly or indirectly with the seller, you are breaching Buyer’s Terms and Conditions and you are agreeing to $5000 in damages; the maximuim allowable in small claims court. 

Please respect the privacy of’s sellers and deal directly with on all equipment listed for sale on the web site.

Also please treat all of the seller's private information released by as completely confidential information, failure to do so could result in you or your company being charged by The Province of British Columbia for breaching The Privacy Act.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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