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Truckhub.ca does not charge any fees whatsoever!

Simply let Truckhub.ca know your asking price for your good used heavy truck, trailer or equipment and if IronFind.ca agrees with your expectations and thinks they are in line with current market conditions, IronFind.ca will immediately start looking for a buyer for your equipment.

That’s right, if you have good used iron that you want to sell and you meet the above criteria, IronFind.ca will send out a representative free of charge that will complete the following;

  • Take up to 150 high definition pictures per piece of equipment.
  • Record a walk around video of each piece of equipment.
  • List equipment with mileage, hours and specifications on our website.

After Truckhub.ca’s listing agent finishes their job, our office staff will follow-up by;

  • Extensively advertising your equipment locally and world-wide.
  • Answering sales calls on your equipment with experienced salespeople.
  • Assisting buyers with a variety of financial services.
  • Helping buyers arrange transportation.
  • Assisting buyers with a host of other services.

When a suitable buyer has met all of the requirements to purchase your equipment, Truckhub.ca completes the transaction by purchasing the listed equipment from you and re-sells it to Truckhub.ca’s buyer.

Truckhub.ca offers full marketing services similar to an auction company in that sellers have the convenience of not having to sacrifice their time, money, privacy and energy to sell their own equipment.

To have Truckhub.ca sell your good used heavy trucks, trailers and heavy equipment completely free of charge click the following link > CLICK HERE to have our listing department contact you.  We work with clients in Vancouver, BC as well as Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta.

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